Dr. Jessica Dorland

6810 E Broadway #102 Tucson, AZ 85710
6810 E Broadway #102 Tucson, AZ 85710 Tucson Arizona 85710 US

Dr. Dorland is the Clinical Director at In One Peace and works with all the therapists to provide a unique and caring experience that meets the needs of each individual who enters our doors. While receiving a degree in physiology, Jessica decided to focus on how the human body handles stress. Her senior capstone mapped theoretical pathways for the brain’s interpretation of stress as actual physical symptoms. After finishing her undergraduate work, she continued with a Master’s in education in order to work directly with an adolescent population. As a teacher Jessica has been able to work with individual teens on developing career skills and vocational abilities. Jessica also has extensive experience as a domestic violence counselor in a shelter where women and children came to start over. This experience manifests as a benefit for crisis and emotional issues as well as practical implementation of goal setting. These experiences have led her to the spiritual side of healing as well. Jessica has experience with the benefits of massage and energy healing, and encourages the use of meditation to promote mental and physical health. After receiving a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling she has continued on to earn a doctorate in behavioral health from Arizona State University. As explained at ASU’s School of Letters and Sciences website, the Doctor of Behavioral Health, or DBH, is tailored to the emerging need for innovative behavioral clinicians who practice in primary care and medical settings. The DBH curriculum and practicum are designed to offer a unique blend of evidence-based behavioral interventions, medical literacy, health systems, and entrepreneurship skills that will meet the needs of the health-care, reform-driven marketplace. The explicit goal of this program is to graduate clinicians who can deliver and document interventions that produce clinical and functional improvement, patient and provider satisfaction, and cost-savings by decreasing overuse of medical resources and the cost of lost productivity to employers.

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