Tucson Are Wiccan/Pagan Network (TAWN)

PO Box 482, Tucson, AZ 85702
PO Box 482, Tucson, AZ 85702 Tucson Arizona 85702 US

TAWN was founded in 1988 for the purposes of providing a social, religious, and networking community for local Neo-Pagan individuals and groups, making that community accessible to newcomers, and dispelling public misconceptions about Neo-Paganism. TAWN is not exclusively Wiccan; members follow a wide range of Neo-Pagan religions and paths. While many of us are Wiccans, people on any Neo-Pagan path are welcome among us, as are folk who are Pagan-friendly or ?just curious.? Links to the various groups within TAWN are provided on our website. TAWN provides some introductory literature, publishes the quarterly newsletter Tapestry, and maintains a Yahoo forum.

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